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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Since many impatient users are starting to make up fake stories about my upcoming multimeter v3 version, i thought it would be good to give a little bit more information on my development stage....

I find it really funny to see comments like "v3 won't come out" or "some users already have the v3" etc... Whats the point with comments like that? Are you expecting me to develop quicker with such comments? The more you act like a child, the less my motivation to hand out something new, better, special and free.

Updated pictures (12/08/10)

MultiMeter 3 Beta

MultiMeter 3 Beta

MultiMeter 3 Beta 

Anyway, you can check out a short video of a few features that will be present in v3. the video shows some settings with a new colorchart feature, fully customisable graphs, system temps from multiple third party apps etc...

Download V3 Teaser

Note: This short video was in early stages on v3, things have changed already since then.

When? I don't want to give a date yet, it takes time to make it perfect and i have other things to do in life too, but i'm developing on a more regular bases and things are advancing nicely. Bare in mind i only have a few hours a week spend on hobbies, hence the delays. Thanks for understanding.

oh... and... the wait will be worth it ;)

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