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This gadget is based on the famous HWMonitor tool from CPUid. HWMonitor will give you the possibility to monitor your system hardware sensors. Most values like processor and chipset temperatures, system fan speeds and voltage values.

Developed & Designed by SFkilla

The HWMonitor Meter gadget will give you the possibility to have all the values you need inside a single gadget.In order to use this gadget, you will need to install an excellent little application (HWMontray) developed by Orbmu2k.

What is HWMontray?
HWMontray is a taskbar tray application that will reside in your taskbar and
give the possibility to use the HWMonitor gadget.
It will need to run in the background in order to monitor the values inside the gadget.

So how does this work?
How do i use this gadget?

Here is the way to do it:
- Download HWMonitor from Here and install it.
- Download HWMontray from Here or Orbmu2k and put it inside the same folder as HWMonitor.exe.
- Run (double click) HWMontray.exe and a tray icon will appear on your taskbar.
- Download HWMonitor Meter gadget and install it.
- Open the settings of the gadget and select a few values, set the gadget up like you want.

Many thanks to Orbmu2k for his support and having developed the HWMontray application which gives the possibility to use my gadget. Make sure you check out his blog!

Download HWMonitor Meter

Mirror Download: Link 

This gadget will be updated in the near futur, the new version will be much better in many ways and fully compliant with windows 7. The new version will have the preset feature , history graphs etc... Stay tuned.

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