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The MultiMeter is a windows sidebar gadget. It is a tool that will give you the possibility to monitor quite some amount of system values from your computer. While most users will probably be happy to monitor the time or date of the day, others will definitely enjoy to monitor how their processor, memory, network etc... are behaving while they use their computer. The MultiMeter gives you infinite possibilities to settle the values you need or want and to make the gadget look like you prefer. The best way to know if you like it, is to simply try it out...

Developed & Designed by SFkilla

Download MultiMeter v2.10

Mirror Download: Link

Original V1 release November 2006
Original V2 release October 2008

What is a preset?
I developed the preset feature in order to be able to save your multimeter layout when you're done setting it up. This can be done by clicking the save preset button inside the gadget settings. But presets are also used to share your settings with other multimeter users and the import preset button can be used in this case.

How to install a preset?
- Install multimeter v2.10
- Open the multimeter settings
- Click the preset import button
- Select the preset you downloaded

Download Multimeter Preset

Important note:
When you install a preset that contains multiple hard drive values, like the preset above,
i always advise to go in the HDD tab from the settings (after you imported/applied the preset) and,
make sure that your drive letters are set right. Don't leave an empty box where a driveletter should be.

Video Tutorial

Download Video tutorial

MultiMeter v3.0 is on its way.

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