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My name is Johan Bourtembour, better known as SFkilla. I am a computer enthusiast that loves developing and designing applications, sidebar gadgets and websites as a hobby.

I decided to stop The Hobby Lounge for various reasons, mainly due to time consuming, host and server problems, a lack of people participating in the community etc… Closing down a 100000 member community wasn’t easy at all, THL was an amazing experience for many years but it was time for me to move over to other projects.

I wanted to thank every developer and designer from THL for their contribution and all the others who still used THL recently.

The Multi Meter is one of my first gadgets that really motivated me to start & continue developing Vista Sidebar gadgets.The motivation to develop & design has been growing ever since i put my hands on a Windows Longhorn beta build,also due to the very nice comments i usually get from a worldwide audience. It definitely makes me happy.

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Things to do to increase Pc performance

When it comes to PCs, performance has always been an issue. A good performing PC is definitely an asset that could aid in many ways in terms of our productivity. There are certain instances where a PC even with a good performing configuration has some issues performing to the optimum levels.

There are two main entities that determine the performance of the PC. Memory and the processor speed.


The processor is the one that determines how fast a pc can run. The speed of the processor is measured in megahertz (Mhz) or Gigahertz (GHz). Like the memory, the processor also varies from a system to system. According to recommendations from the pros, it is best to have at least 1.5GHz of processor speed in the day to day computers.

Here are some of the things that we can do from our side for a PC to perform better.



It is known as the RAM(Random Access Memory). This refers to the storage capacity of the PC. It varies from a system to system. In the present days, the memory space has never been an issue because the PCs nowadays are configured with some high capacity memory.

Removing Unnecessary programs

The simplest and the very first thing to do is to remove the unnecessary programs. There might be a lot of programs that we do use. Make sure to get them removed from your PC. More the free space, better is the performance.

Removing heavy files

It is not just the unnecessary programs that affect the performance of the PC, and there are also other files with high capacity, which consume a lot of space. Especially the media files with high resolutions. It is better to have these kinds of files stored in external memories like an external hard disk or pen drives or even could be stored in some cloud storage.

Clearing Internet history and temporary files

Make sure to clear the internet browser history, temporary files and also the cookies. Leaving them without clearing for a long period of time directly affects the performance of the PC.

Defrag the Drives

Defrag of the drives refers to the segregation of the drives accordingly. Especially when it comes to installation of the operating system, it is better to have a separate drive for the operating system. This directly has an impact on the loading time. Even though the defragmentation process might take a while, it better to spend some to do it, to ensure a good performance in the long run.

The registry cleaning

At regular intervals of time, it is mandatory to clean up the Pc’s register to have a better performance. Cleaning the register eliminates the registry errors which aids in the performance of the PC. There many register cleaning software available on the internet for free. Downloading and running them frequently will solve this issue.

Having a Proper Anti Virus software

This is the last but not the least one to be done for a better performing PC. Having proper anti-virus software installed in your PC is not luxury, its mandatory. Most the anti-virus software is equipped to perform complete diagnostics of your PC and remove all the corrupted files.

5 CPU multi-meter gadgets for Windows

You may know a multi-meter as a device used to measure the power coming out of a live wire or an outlet in your house. If that’s true, you’re not wrong, but the term has also been used to describe programs that help diagnose your computer and tell you the power stats coming out of your CPU. Of all of those programs, these are five you may want to install today to optimize performance and make life easier.

5 – Drive Meter

The drive Meter gadget is made to specifically examine your drives. You can see anything you want about your hard drive, floppy drive, or even CD-ROM drive. It is very helpful in reading the speeds at which your drive is reading and writing data, as well as used to find a weakness in one of your drives that may be aging and need replacement.

Drive meter


4 – Battery Meter

Just like the top right corner of your phone screen, this little gadget gives you a real-time look at your battery and its performance. You can see which hardware and software applications may be hurting your battery’s life as well as find ways to cut down on usage or extend it out further than previously possible.

3 – GPU Meter

Are you that guy that constantly tries to push the limits of your graphics card? Do you overclock just for fun? If so, you need to have a GPU meter. It’s the best way to see any glitches in your gameplay and monitor your risky overclock tests. You can also check the temperature and fan speed, making sure you are in tip top shape. Nerd.

2 – Network Meter

Quite a step beyond visiting Speedtest.net, the Network Meter measures your connection in more ways than you may have thought possible. You can get all of your network addresses and information you may want or need as well as see your download and upload speeds in real time on a continuous scale, also including a nicely calculated average on the same screen.




1 – The Giant CPU Meter

More broad, but somehow more specific, this little guy helps you monitor your overall performance and regulate anything that may need to be checked to optimize the CPU for the best overall performance. On top of basic info, you will get every detail about your processor and operating system, including cache sizes, clock speeds, and much more. You can also monitor and control your RAM usage in real time, giving you a much clearer view of what’s happening inside your machine than any task manager is going to be able to do.

Once you have these tools in place, you will be able to see exactly what your CPU is doing and what it is capable of. These tools will help make your digital life run better and be less frustrating. In the end, however, you may learn that you just need a new computer, but that’s the risk we all must take when dealing with technology.

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